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Super fast dry carpet cleaning system
For some carpeting we also use a method of carpet cleaning called encapsulation or low moisture cleaning, with this method the carpet is pre vacuumed, stains and spots are pre treated, the carpet is then treated with a pre spray to loosen the soiling and staining from the carpet fibres this also kills bacteria and odours whilst adding stain protection, a machine is used to work the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres encapsulating the dirt particles in the solution, the soiling and moisture is absorbed into special absorbent pads, the carpet fibres are then re-aligned in the correct direction. The carpet is then inspected and any remaining stains are retreated, leaving you with nice fresh wonderfully clean carpets

Carpets are mostly dry within one hour and can be as little as 30 min.

This method is suitable for carpets with light to moderate soiling levels also great for maintaining carpets between deep cleaning.
Natural Bio-degradable pH neutral safe cleaning solutions are used with this method.

New improve cleaning formulation means we can even clean heavily soiled carpets using our super fast dry carpet cleaning.

  • Premium Encapsulating Technology (cleaning deeper)
  • Oxi boost (power of pure oxygen removes more staining)
  • Stain Guard (copolymer additive coats fibers for longer lasting cleaning)
  • Extream Odour Eliminator (traps odour compounds leaving hygienically fresh)

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