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Deep cleaning carpets in Nottingham
The main system we use for most of our cleaning is our Deep cleaning system this is
also known as Heated Water Extraction. It is our preferred method for cleaning carpets and upholstery fabrics because of its superior cleaning capabilities. 
It cleans deep down into the fibre breaking down and removing more stains and soiling than any other system available. The soiling, moisture and trapped dust particles are removed and flushed from the carpets or upholstery fibres into our high powered machines waste tanks outside your home, This deep cleaning method is also preferred by most of the worlds major carpet manufacturers and is the method recommended by
The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association because of its superior deep cleaning results.
Our deep cleaning machinery and equipment is designed to give maximum airflow and suction which removes more soiling and moisture from the carpet fibres whilst passing more air through giving faster drying times.
Fast drying deep cleaning which is s
uitable for all carpet types and all soiling levels, very effective cleaning even with the heaviest soiled carpets and upholstery.
This method is the only real deep cleaning system!

We use uk designed and built deep cleaning equipment.

Combination carpet cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning is a combination of both Extraction cleaning and Low Moisture Bonnet cleaning, Used for very heavily soiled carpets such as bar and pub carpets, More moisture is normally required to disolve deeply embeded heavy soiling, so to help limit the amount of moisture we pre agitate with rotary cleaning, extract soiling and moisture with our high powered machines, we then follow with rotary padding to remove remaining moisture and any remaining surface soiling, the use of air moving equipment may also be used to get even faster drying times, leaving your carpets fresh and thoroughly clean. Used in conjunction with microsplitters or colloidal cleaning solutions for a safe deep down clean.

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