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Carpet and upholstery Stain Removal services for Nottingham and surrounding

 removing hard to deal with stains from carpets and upholstery in Nottingham






Stain removal specialists for carpets, rugs and upholstery

A glass of wine may get knocked over, the kids have spilled their drink, maybe the pets have had a little accident again.

We know that every home has its little accidents, if your carpets or soft furnishings have that little accident on them donít despair we may be able to help, we specialise in carpet and upholstery Stain removal and cleaning and may be able to remove stains other cleaning companyís wonít even attempt.

With over 25 years of carpet and upholstery cleaning experience we have encountered every stain you can think of, we have been fully trained to deal with all aspects of stain removal including hard to remove staining and carpet repair processes like retufting and reweaving.
If you have a stain you need removing on your carpet, rug or furniture give us a call for free advice on 0115 9718323 .

Stain removal treatments for carpets, rugs and upholstery

  • Pet staining
  • Drinks staining  
  • Soot staining
  • Water staining
  • Oil and Tar staining
  • Pollen staining ( inc lily staining )
  • Tea and Coffee staining  
  • Urine staining
  • Paint staining
  • Blood staining
  • Food staining
  • Insurance report services
  • Scotch guard and stain protection
  • Odour removal
  • Carpet repairs
nottingham carpet cleaners


All types of staining treated on all fabrics and 
fibres We can also advise on the latest stain protection treatments for carpets and soft furnishings, call S.P.carpet and upholstery care for carpet cleaning in Nottingham and for all your home cleaning needs 



Nottingham stain removal services, we specialise in problems like wine stain removing, coffee stain removing, tea stain removing, blood removing from carpets, settees and fabric upholstery in nottingham, As well as removing stains from upholstery fabrics and carpets we advice on how to remove stains for the trade. from drink stain removal to paint stain removing from carpets and rugs we can give you the advice you need, we also can scochgard / scotch guard your carpets and furniture, we can remove hard to deal with problems like lilly staining and oil stains

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